Sutcliffe Golf Cars
About Us

The Sutcliffe family has been in business in Port Royal, SC since 1955. Three brothers joined together and opened a furniture store named, Sutcliffe Brothers Furniture. As years went on the brothers narrowed down to one. And the name changed to Sutcliffe Furniture Co. This business held strong for many years, being in a small town where your local families supported mom and pop businesses. After being in the furniture business for 40 years, things started to change. At this time, Terry Sutcliffe was the owner of the furniture store and saw a need to try something new. He started selling Yamaha golf cars in 1989. He just pushed some of the furniture to another area and displayed golf cars in one side of his business. This is how Sutcliffe Golf Cars, Inc. was born. He started out slow to test the waters. Beaufort County was growing fast and the market for golf cars blossomed.

As fate would have it the furniture store had to be closed due to low sales. Chain stores moved into the area and just took too many pieces of the pie. It was a sad day for the family to have to close a business that meant so much. Terry called a family meeting and started expanding into the golf car trade. His son Shawn started helping and he brought his wife in to help and behind the scene Terry's wife works. It is a close family business. Even the grandchildren pitch in.

The family enjoys the golf car business. It is most important to us that people believe in our service. We have always tried to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. We have worked hard for the last 20 years to build our business.